Sexy Back: November 2010
Monday, November 15, 2010
「 dancing away 4:18 PM 」

"Distance makes the heart grow fonder."

Some great guy said this. Or is it some lovesick guy that is trying to convince himself being away from his lover is actually advantageous? Just a form of consolation and a little self deceiving to make himself feel better about the whole situation.

Distance between 2 person can be defined in 2 ways. The physical distance between the 2 bodies, or it could also mean the distance between the 2 hearts. The former is easier to reconcile with. Electronic means such as an email, a phone call, Skype, MSN: so many forms of communication to link 2 physical bodies apart. Although some say that such electronic means as so impersonal, so cold and devoid of feelings, but to be able to just hear the warmth in the other voice, i think that is enough to satisfy each other need to connect and maintain what they had. I mean, come on, look at the movie "You've Got Mail!" Enemies in real life can even become lovers electronically.

However, distance between 2 hearts is something that is painful. Even if you are hugging each other to sleep every night, a morning kiss, holding hands in the cinema, but if your hearts are not in it together, then you are just following through the motions. Even more so than coldness of electronic communication, is the lack of the connection between the hearts.


This is the 6th day. One more night and one more day before i can see you again. Just 6 days and i feel like experiencing the worst nightmare in the world. Calling each other daily, smsing each other is really just not enough for me. I need to hold you in my arms and tell you its okay. Its okay if the world treats you like shit, its okay if you are going through the hardest times of your life, its okay... as long as i am here. I have this impulse, an impulse to just take the next transport over to that dastardly place, pull you out of there and just run away together. Granted, it is just a imagination cause it will never work like that, but thats how much i want to protect you and just let you live your life in the best possible way, with the best possible companion.

Im suffering because you are suffering. Distance between our hearts have never been closer, and i am glad that you took me as your pillar of support. Im strong because you need me to be strong. Im happy because you need me; needing my willpower, my advice; needing the memories of us together to pull through this period.

Distance does indeed make the hearts grow fonder. Im missing you more and more. But i keep telling myself, that everytime i leave you, it is one day closer to the day i meet you again =)

I love you. Let DNA be the building blocks of life again.