Sexy Back: January 2007
Sunday, January 21, 2007
「 dancing away 12:56 AM 」

It may sound wrong coming from me but is this guy just hot or wat? He can play soccer (She's the Man), basketball (Coach Carter) and he sure can dance! (Step Up)

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Monday, January 15, 2007
「 dancing away 9:41 PM 」

I am getting more and more into the whole R&B and Hip Hop scene. It is starting to get real fun with classes. Loved all those Jazzy and Hip Hop feel. Few songs i would like to intro u guys to.

Ray J. feat Fat Joe - Keep Sweatin
Ciara feat Chamillionaire - Get Up
Drew Sidora - Till the Dawn
Nelly Futardo - No Hay Igual
Petey Pablo - Show Me The Money

Listen to these, real nice and dance steps just comes naturally to you.

dAniel - Bounce!

Sunday, January 07, 2007
「 dancing away 10:13 PM 」

Haha, Finally got to start my dance classes. Street Jazz! Pop Jazz! Hip HoP!
It was really fun. Warm up was a little hard to catch up and the rythnm requires me get back in step. But i guess i need to start somewhere. The instructor actually noticed people. They could actually tell i have some talent. and advice me to up my level. but i guess i want to master the basics before moving on. But loved the lessons man!

dAniel - Pop Street JaZz!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007
「 dancing away 1:13 AM 」

Hey Guys, it is 2007 Guess This is a little huh? But nvm me. Happy 2007!

gUess this is the time i make me new year resolution.
I found someone special in life. I hoped to keep it this way as long as possible.
I found my purpose. I want to dance. This year i hope to start learning professionally.
I want to drive. Yes, that driving license is mine to get.
I want to ORD. 10 more months and counting. Just get it over and done with.
But most of all

I want to be Me.

dAniel - Let's start everything afresh.