Sexy Back: February 2006
Saturday, February 25, 2006
「 dancing away 9:57 PM 」

i am back from SITEST! So damn happy.
But also so damn sad. Results day is coming, seriously dunno whether i am going to do well or not... Just hope for the best keep myself busy and try to not worry so much.
Read Swee Keat blog, i am rather pissed off with his comments, but i am not condemming him here, it is everyone's perogative to say what they want to say on their blog. True, yah some gays are really the flammboyant kind that people cannot accept. But just as there are different types of apples (I know, very bad analogy) there are different type of gays. I believe that the problem here is not about guys and guys being together, but more about the stereotypical views, the insular and deeply-seated opinions that people form in their mind. Some might argue that they do not stereotpye, but touch your heart here, did you or did you not generalise all gays to be the dancing, happy-go-lucky type of drag queens. Think here! Who would be in their right mind would want to be someone hated by majority of the society? Attention Seeking, u would say, but there are a fucking 1000 ways out there to seek attention.

Okay i need to rest over here. Guys review your view towards gays, do you really hate them, or is it a deep-seated thought that has been passed on by society to you?

dAniel -- Fucking scared of results....

Sunday, February 05, 2006
「 dancing away 6:05 PM 」

Heard about this movie. Watch it, be open dun be repulsed by the scene. The power of love is so strong that it transcend all categorisation of love. Love between 2 men. Ultimate love there can be...

dAniel -- "... I wish i knew how to quit you"

This is so damn sad man.... Booking in again todaY and for the next 13 days i will be locked in that miserable place... NS life is so damn bored. Now i am re-evaluating my option for a military career agAin...

dAniel - Booking-in in another 1hr and 10mins