Sexy Back: March 2006
Sunday, March 19, 2006
「 dancing away 11:44 PM 」

Going into OCS tml.... 3 Week confinement...Longest i have been away from home
Feeling really homesick now already...

dAniel -- OCS Calibre but OCS quality?

Saturday, March 18, 2006
「 dancing away 12:29 AM 」

OCS here i come

dAniel -- OCS

Thursday, March 16, 2006
「 dancing away 12:27 AM 」

I am like really freaked out right now...! Do i look GAY or something?
Just today, i was hit on by 2 guys at 2 Clinics.

Incident 1 - PolyClinic
I went there cause i dun have to pay. For my cough and cold. Den i was napping away when i was waiting for my turn (U noe how long it can get). Then i feel some thing on my shoulders and it felt warm. I woke up and there was this guy like 20 something, really buff guy, PUTTING A JACKET ON ME. I was like...."Eh, excuse me, do i know you or something? Why are you giving me your jacket?" He said i looked really cold. OMG! Den he started chatting me up and i couldn't get away....I was like "Shit" And his topics were like do you have a girlfriend, are u serving NS?, Where do you live?, I managed to cover up by giving him some false information... Thank God for the Doctor, and he wasn;t there when i came back out.... Btw, He was really handsome looking and don;t look delusional at all. Think he was called Steven....

Incident 2 - Clinic
After my free polyclinic, i went on to the clinic nearby for check up on my ingrown toenail. This time, same thing. I was napping, waiting for my turn. Then i felt a arm sling over my shoulders, and a voice. "U all right?" This time, was another guy. God this guy look very poseurish. Think he look like some mediacorp artiste or something. He had like a unkempt look going. OMG again! He was in SHOCKING PINK TIGHT TEE! I also balked at it. Then came the conversation. I was like WTH. Thank god he was not that pushy or anything. I almost wanted to run away, and when he ask for my number, i sort of gave him the wrong one. HAHA. Throughout the whole thingy, he was very touchy. Putting his hand on my lap, across my shoulder. E.....!!!!!! And i went in for my consultation. He was still there when i finish, and he already finish his consultation before me.... I asked him politely like why is he still here? He replied that he liked my company and wanted to chat more. I immediately told him that i need to rush home. And he still walk me to the Bus Stop........ Thank God my bus came quickly, or else he would want to talk more......THink his name was Derek....

God, help me.... DO i look too easy or what....


Sunday, March 12, 2006
「 dancing away 10:19 PM 」

Finally BMT phase has finished. I am so glad. Dun noe where i am headed but let's just hope for the best. Get into OCS?? Haha dunno

Scholarship and Uni applications are such an ass......... My choice??
BBA(Hons) & BEng (Mechanical) DDP at NUS
BEng (Aero) at NTU

dAniel -- Uni