Sexy Back: September 2004
Tuesday, September 28, 2004
「 dancing away 1:01 AM 」

Hate it!! Oh god save me... SPA!!!
Anyway, i d/l almost all the OC eppys by today, starting to like Rachel Bilson all over again. Hey guys u all should d/l it man, worth it. Esp A day in the Life, nice nice... Anyway, i am mugging these few days so forgive me if i nvr updat this blogs...
Gotta Go!!

dAniel bOurne=== guilty

Wednesday, September 22, 2004
「 dancing away 6:13 PM 」

Haiz...Important topic of the day... OCIP
TodaY attended the first meeting of the OCIP for Cebu, Damien not going liaO. I am also comptemplating but mostly likely cmi... Haiz so sianz... no money to go for two trips... Furthermore i got obligations towards Thailand trip. Haha anyway, i could go find more gays else where... haiz...haha juz kidding lar. Juz wanna go for the trip leh. Met some new people. at the meeting Like Amelia, anyway that Chung Sheng from 41 quite shuai leh and quite built also, and quite nice, vv friendly like his classmate. Unlike Roland...HAHA
Haiz... cannot go means cannot go... Sorry Princess, bEn L., jEn, Ro.

Anyway today got Charmed and the last episode of TAR 5 gonna enjoy tonight man. And of course mugging!!!

dAniel bOurne=== guilty

Sunday, September 19, 2004
「 dancing away 3:52 PM 」

Hey so sianz... I think mugging is apart of me now...
Anyway guys, like the new layout. Not really drastic... But befiitting of my charcter
Gtg Mugging!!!

dAniel bOurne=== guilty

Wednesday, September 15, 2004
「 dancing away 11:23 PM 」

Juz wait a miniute... jUz hear me say...
Today was an okay day. Oh me ivy ben lim xian wei and Princess went to watch <> today,!! Haha, finally get to watch my favorite actor Tom Hanks in a movie again. He played his role well again( as expected, but appaluse again!!). Viktor Navroski. Love it man! He tries so hard to be a nice guy to everyone, making frenz along the way despite in his circumstances. And he keeps promises, that's what i think a MAN shld do. I really think like what Princess says, people like Victor are really extinct. Anyway, makes me remember one quote...oOps 4get alreadi, shit... put it in another time. Yah and the show also touch on the "wait" topic. I think 1/2 of our lifes are waits, we wait for 10mths to arrive in this way, we have 16 yrs to wait for graduation, more than 70 yrs for death, not to mention, everyday, we have to wait for buses, taxis, classes.... Wait.... Haha okay, on to another topic, oh i cried when watching the movie, another movie by Tom Hanks, i will cry.Like You've got mail,Forrest Gump. Oh Ben Lim, Xian Wei, Ivy and Belinda didn't notice, hengz aRHz... Okay stop talking abt movies liao...

Oh, TAR5, damn sad man, shit C&C didn't get elminate, oh well, they won't win now anyway. So many grps in front of them, surely kenna get yield again. Oh and Brandon make a big joke juz now. "I think Philipines is just an island" Damn, American guys can be damn shallow like they want, doesn't he know Philipines is called the Land of a Thousand Islands....

Anyway i signed off here
dAn --- Supreme Identity

Monday, September 06, 2004
「 dancing away 1:26 AM 」

Watched The Bourne Supremacy yesterday with Ben Lim and Ivy. It was cool, a character driven show on espionage and spies. My Favourite genre, kind of cool watching people shooting and everything. The whole show was one of my favourites this year, i mean the storyline of course. But some scenes in the movie i cannot catch, like flashing around like that. I got headache after watching it. Went home and did some research on this three part series, yah the 3rd part is The Bourne Ultimatum, quite cool! I read the history of this book, it traced back to the WWII where this guy was writing the first book during the war, but he kenna prosecuted and another guy completed his works. The real book itself is even better, gonna buy it and read it. Yah about the character, Matt Damon is quite okay lar, good bod ( check), nice face (check), cool personality (check), except that his eyes are too small man. Imagine brad PiTt on the show...... haha cannot fathom, he too shuai, Matt Damon all American looks does him some good lar. Anyway, back to espionage, yah my favorite (unable to realise) job! Gotta learn all sort of language, Spanish, Thai, Portugese, German, French, Bahasa Melayu, haha sound slike Slim man! Oh yah u still need fighting skills. Haha i am currently far from it, but i improving liaO, did 100 pushups, 50 sit ups, practise Taekwando moves today. Haha and to increase my intellectual knowledge, did all finish Alkanes and Alkenes turorial today. Drank 1 litre of milk, 2 eggs in a row(so damn eX man!!), ate like 3 bowls of rice!! Told me mom to enrol me in Judo class, gonna master 2 types of martial arts if i wanna have a job in the Police force or something like that....Okay... Nothing more to say, gotta finish all hmwrk(which is a little left) tml (cept GP compo) and catch a movie with my sis!dAn boURne