Sexy Back: June 2007
Monday, June 25, 2007
「 dancing away 11:11 PM 」

Today went to Keck Seng Again... Lol so few people in Bryan and Taki classes. Dunno why today so so tired... after Bryan's class (which was damn cool btw) i was seriopsuly shagged out and out of breath. Cannot even do Taki's warm up properly. Haha, and as usual, i catch no balls in his class. I think next time i just admire him from outside, his steps are outrageously difficult, but damn damn nice when u see HIM do. That's about it.

But hey! When i went for Sheila's class, i was suddenly revitalised or something. I had so so much energy going on. it was "Like A Boy" by Ciara. When she said 4 counts of 8 today, i was like alright man! But den BOOM BOOM BOOM! damn the first count was like a killer already. In the end we ended up with like 2 counts of 8 and 2 counts+ lol! But i think i did damn well today(By My Standards) lol. Still far frm elites standard, but i can see myself today lol! SO SO happy.... Well guess i shan't type any longer... too shagged out to do that....

dAniel-Wish we could switch up the role...

Sunday, June 24, 2007
「 dancing away 12:14 AM 」

Well been a long time since i blogged. Feeling kind of ambivalent now. Haha, big word but nah.... it means paradoxical, eh means conflict.... ok i havinh mixed feelings now. well my life is all about dance now, now i live for it. But seems like so complicated now....

Been going to Keck Seng too much. till i feel a little dis-confident, ok unconfident. Is there such a word? All of it is Shelia's class, with all the elites in the class, i feel a little stuck below them, that there is not really much hope of catching up with them. Yep, i do feel myself improving, esp in Jazz but.... erm just really weird...

I started out at Simei, with no friends, den had lots of friends, Joey, Limin, Michelle, Chui Ying, and lots more, but now move to Keck Seng, i have little friends i guess, Karen, Alison.... hmm the price to pay for improving...??

dAniel - in a Ambivalent, Paradoxical, Conflicting Mood....

Wednesday, June 06, 2007
「 dancing away 9:43 PM 」

Finally managed to go to Simei for lessons! Yeah! My home ground! So long never come back to this place. As usual, went for Pop Jazz class and MTV.

Pop Jazz class was really fun! Shelia's previous training has really paid off, i could really catch Taki steps in time and to my own style! Yeah Yeah! All the Jazz stuff has really strengthen me and make me a better dancer i think! hehe a bit BHB!

Well, tot i can come for Choon Hui class really really miss her. Turns out she cannot make it for 3 Weeks! Well Suman took over. hmm.... vv Shelia Style. But i like the sit ups were really fun! Lol i am a sadistic bastard man! Well nice nice chereo! Going to his class again next week.

Well guys that is the end of my rantings! Cya sOOn!

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