Sexy Back: October 2004
Wednesday, October 27, 2004
「 dancing away 1:42 AM 」

Ok fine... Ben Lim u win... Can't believe the show Desperate Housewives was so nice. I mean it is so damn funny and everything and the girl Susan is hot man. Love this show. So in any case , watch the show yourself and be the judge!
Haha bTw, me name is dAniel cAll me That Next Time ok??

dAniel -- Desperado!!

Monday, October 25, 2004
「 dancing away 8:37 AM 」

After eXam Still SO sTressfuL man... Gotta plan for the hols and everything. BtW , i am in scHool noW sloggiNg my heart out FoR pW goD save me... I am So siCk of LooKing at Ah Hock, Ivy and Ben Lim Now... Hi Guys... and wAnnA go Eat later??

Monday, October 18, 2004
「 dancing away 10:34 PM 」

Watched "Pearl Harbor" just now.... ok lah... dun laugh... i cried again at it. I still can't get past the part where josh harnett died, please i mean who can deny the real brotherhood scene... ok fine i am close to tears agian, i think it is becoming a vv irritating habit of mine... Maybe i nvr really cried for like maybe 8 years??

Anyway got back results today, got A for Chem (So Happy), D for Physics (So Sad), not really looking forward to tml's results giving back...

dAniel-- Brothers...

This sentence crossed my mind... "Should a person be commited to a particular person, object or organisation?"
There are always 2 views to this, either u have one or u dun. Personally, i think we should not have, imagine u having dependent so heavily on something for support either moral, spritual or emotional. For example, a gF. If someone wants to hurt you, they can just attack ur most loved and take advantage of you, what if they left u hanging, or just diminish from your life?? Won't you be even more lost??
I myself, always potray myself as cheerful, out going, good natured, and competitive, however, i am not commited to anything at all. I dun want to i think, i am seriously afraid of the commitments that it entails. U can call me a coward, but i think i am being protective of myself.
However, the are drawbacks in it. U reap wat u sow, i looking back at my life, i think i am a worthless piece of shit who dun even have a true friend. Take a look from pre-school, i am constantly in my own world, i dun even stay long with others in the playground. Primary was worse, i was ostracize like mad, i even make my "Best Friend", Herbrina leave me. Sec school was not much better, NCC has let me earned lotsa friends, but not even a close one, take for examples, Qilun, he is always constantly around to help, but he only depises me i think, look at his attitude towards me, i am always the last to know he changed gf or maybe his results improved, like so many years of friendship and now he cringes everything i wear a VJ shirt in front of him... can't tell u how much close am i to tears now.
Dun talk about friends, even family members, i was nvr close to my sis.s, my mom or dad, not even my blood cousins, i dun even know something vague about wat Roger is doing now, or how good is Alvin's relationship with his gf...
All this arises cause i can't commit, yes though i am always welcomed, i am not always trusted in, cause i appear and i am to people, as someone who is just can't commit, or even be concerned about stuffs..
Hope this sentence can evoked something in you, give me some comments or views in the tag board or in your blog..

Dun follow in my footsteps, cause i feel like a loser, one who belongs to everywhere but nowhere, i go with the flow, and sometimes i get buffeted here and there by the current that i feel confused and..................lost........................

dAnieL -- Lost in life...

Saturday, October 16, 2004
「 dancing away 8:05 PM 」

Finally, it is over, the 3 day of intense activites... Though it was very tiring but all the while i was having fun, so glad that i was in House Comm. I can participate in events such magnitude and meanings...
Talking about house comm., had a meaningful talk with Ben Ding, Yong Sheng and Nicolas last night. I did not know that there are people who shares the same views as me, i also cannot believe that we could be talking about LIFE itself in the first place... Love those House Comm people, esp. Nicolas and Yong Sheng, the most fun people i know. Hey btW, Nicolas, Thanks for getting me into eating fruits and eating healthly, hope ur research into vegetarianism is successful.
Sorry People if i haven being updating about any shows, hope that i got the energy to update it soon...

dAniel -- Ursa House Comm.

Sunday, October 10, 2004
「 dancing away 10:29 PM 」

Yesterday meeting with the House Comm people. Not that stressing when i am around them again, tot i will diam diam agin around them...

Man so stress out... Haha all week have to go to school even after exam, tml got hse stuff, tues got TkD AND PW, tues wed also got PW and TkD, Thurs is games day AND PW, fri got farwell assembly AND PW, sat also got open hse AND PW, man i am so lucky... although not only me lar haha...

Hey people like my new layout AGAIN?? Give me more ideas leh, i want to change again hee.

Anyway juz watch the "Lost" from ABC, it is quite cool, i d/l 3rd episode liao, gonna watch it later...

so that's all guys


Friday, October 08, 2004
「 dancing away 7:19 PM 」

Hey like my new layout... haha nice and refreshing. I juz watched Wimbledon today it is so cool, like the whole show, saw the Without A Paddle trailer, 3 guys so Hot... Haha, anyway. today juz finish promos......Haha a load off my back. Man dun care got pass or not juz make it can liao. Anyway... toking about movies
Wimbledon == love it man, haha Kirsten Dunst and the main lead best frenz look so good, anyway this inspire me to learn how to play tennis... ok gonna go d/l more movies... Buaiz

Quiet Please
Play -- dAniel
Match, Set, Game!!!

Saturday, October 02, 2004
「 dancing away 8:00 PM 」

Ok i am so slack nvr study much... die die die...
Okay now go mug econs...byuaiz

dAniel bOurne=== guilty

Friday, October 01, 2004
「 dancing away 1:03 AM 」

Haiz today GP paper i think i am going to retain, shit i fail the comprehension....Arhz... ican't even get the 5 vocabulary correct, ands didn't fill in the first 2 for "extolled" and "at the expense of"....bye 04S42... hello 05s42
Anyway i slacked the whole day so i going mugging tml .... or today. haha anyway going to study liaO...