Sexy Back: July 2004
Wednesday, July 21, 2004
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Gonna get it out of my system man.....
I am vv vv vv confused about myself now... I realli dun noe where i am heading or wat the hell i am doing.....
I juz noe that i am doing this for you man, Ryan... Saw ur last letter, got wat u trying to say... wait for while to give u ur reply..

Sunday, July 18, 2004
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Hey this is a poster for "Brotherhood"
Anyway... i slacked this whole weekend man... i am gonna make it up but juz dunnoe how to leh..... Essay outline i only did 2 so sianz...

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Saturday, July 17, 2004
「 dancing away 9:00 PM 」

"Brotherhood", was rather nice, i knew the general outline b4 the show liao one.
Nk pushed to Busan den SK pushed back to China's borders, den SK got pushed back to 38th parallel. Yah but didn't expect such a touching brotherly movie, Won Bin and Zhang Dong Jian really played vv well, i was moved to tears man. Haha throughout the show, there was no shuai ge other den the 2 main actors. Haiz... so my deduction that there is no shuai Korean guys is really true. But Won Bin really looks vv shuaiz man.
Oh yah, i watched it with me "brothers" and that includes my Part Alpha(Sec 1) Platoon sergeant, Eldine@@ Haha long time no see him liao, he still looks like a little kid haha.
Anyway, it was really good watching the show with my real "brothers"
But i think "Saving Private Ryan" is still our favourite movie of all times...
Ok i wanna watch "Super Size Me" and more movies........
So tired.....Gonna do essay outline liao... 

Friday, July 16, 2004
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Haha! The life of a JC 1 Student in VJC......Sianz

This really really SUX!
They censor the OC!!
I can't believe it... I wanna watch it!
Singapore Boards Sux....... I hate them..
Anyway Luke and Ryan looks quite cute together!
I am also totally into Summer, she is juz so ... summer..haha!@

Thursday, July 15, 2004
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Hey i recieved National Youth Achievement Award Interview Letter
Feeling so excited about this, hope everything goes smoothly and get the damn award i've been working on for the past years!!
Reichen and Chip Rocks!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2004
「 dancing away 9:48 PM 」

I got the lastest results...
Alison and Donny are out!! I am so damn sad now.....
The Amazing Race 5 has been such a disappointment i wish that we could have a Amazing Race all star so i can see all my favourites, like Reichen and Chip, Derek and Drew, Flo and Zach, Jon and Al, Dennis and Erika, Alison and Donny...
And again so sad that i have to watch The Amazing Race 5 now, now that i know the results now......

After a small talk with Jimmy today made me realise one thing Hse Cap '04 is no longer the past Hse Cap Noms '04. So sad case. Dun wanna talk about it liao.
Anyway some other topic. Yah we will talk about homosexuality.
I believe that it is a endowment, not a mistake or a choice. If he or she wants to be this way, den let it be, what for go and slaughter or discriminate. Anyway there are successful gay marraige in the world look at Reichen and Chip, form AR4, they beat all the "straights" outright and living their lives the way they want it... So sad that people think that homosexuality is a mistakes or even a dieaseas...
Reichen And Chip Happily Together

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Friday, July 09, 2004
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Kinetic Theory
Circular Motion
Work Energy Power

Mass Spec
Ideal Gas

Oligopoly & Monopolistic Comp.

Trigo 5.5 5.6
Vectors 7.2 7.3

Weekly Programme


Thursday, July 08, 2004
「 dancing away 12:06 AM 」

This is a race like none other, this is the Amazing Race!
The Amazing RAce 5 has started! I am damn excited about it espcially when the race starts to get fast-paced. Anyway let's get on to the show.
The start was already very exciting. I was trying to look for a few teams to support. of course, they have to be shuai or pretty to get onto my list.
Anyway i picked the following three:

Alison and Donny

Dennis and Erika
Kami and Karli

The race started off and at first Dennis and Erika were with all my favorite teams, however, they are so thick and bought the wrong tics. It cost them their game man! The race was pretty boring for the first time when all times were all so stereotypical and all the same. But got some interesting features like the short girl, Charla. But overall it was below expectation.
The places they visited was not very exotic or anything interesting. SO i am putting Uruguay last on my future holiday trips... But the hand on the beach looks interesting enough so cute.
And OH MY GOSH! The twins girls were so thicK! They walk pass the clue without seeing it!! They are really typical blondes man!!
And anyway at the end of the show, Erika and Dennis are eliminated, so sad, they could have pulled through, i hate the old army man now! Go home and play with your boots and uniform!
Sianz... i lost my eye candy (Guy or Gal u guess haha!!) Anyway Alison and Donny (A&D) did me proud by coming in first so got something to look forwrad ro liao. Looking forward to the OC! tml so for now nitez nitez stranger!

Tuesday, July 06, 2004
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"Listen, or thy tongue will make thee deaf"

Today was rather hectic. First day in school after exams...!! Totally no mood to study at all. Look at the lecture notes i also wanna fall asleep liao. Econs time was a little revealation on the mid year exam. For section A woohoo!! i got only 6 wrongs. Thatz good considering that i not study too much for it.

Today we had some S^3 seminar thingy. It was fun watching the videos and listening to the panel on the topic of National Service. Inspired me again to train hard for my NAPFA test. Hoped to get into OCS. Got question on homosexual in army. Interested in that, but not much info on that. Arghz tml got PE. Gotta train hard for running and pull ups.

Hey guyz, watch out for amazing race 5! Tml 10 pm on channel 5. This time no shuai ge like Derek and Drew, Reichen and Chip but got some can make it lar. Like Alison and Donny. Amazing Race is by far the best reality show man!! Muz watch ok ?!!

Ok anyway. It is late liao. Wanna sleep and dream about my future liao!! Nitez nitez people!
P.S. MUz watch Amazing Race 5!!

dAniel bOurne=== guilty

"You can't make footprints on the sand of time by sitting on your butt."
-- Someone..
This is the first post of my blog, my first "diary", haha sounds corny but yah looks cool. Looks like i am gonna have a record in my life. Ok that's all for introductions. Coming back tml for more self introduction

dAniel bOurne=== guilty