Sexy Back
Monday, April 30, 2007
「 dancing away 11:54 PM 」

Haha this is officially my 200th post. Rather amazing for someone who doesn't really blog that often. Well on to this weekend happenings! Yeah! LONG LONG Weekend! I took an OFF today lol!

Haha went for 3 Hrs of Dance today. Think i did rather well in J/k Pop and Adv Beg Latin Hip Hop. But erm, Taki class was a little bit tiring. He even hurt his knee again. Poor Him! Well i pulled my glutes muscles. Stupid Me.

latin hip hop was frweaking fun! Angela's Song! Think it is called Wan Mei Shi Jie or something. Finally managed to catch the groove. Lol!

Well that's all for this weekend. Tml is Labour Day. Thinking of getting that Motorola Maxx V6.