Sexy Back
Thursday, March 01, 2007
「 dancing away 10:27 PM 」

Well i got to know this great person. Well, makes me laugh and all that. Feel really good to know this person. A gr8 friend thru and thru. Well hope that we can continue this friendship as long as possible. Just went out with Tong Wei that group of friends. felt so good to be together again, doing things together. Recall back to my SPDS days, training under the Military Police for NDP, i could never forget those days. The friendship we had were so immature, we tolled and sweated on those fields. How i hope i could live through it once again.

On a more official note, guess i would be very close to the flag now that i have been arrowed to do so many parades. I guess NDP too, and this time all on my own. Someone help me! Pride or SK?

dAniel - gr8 pErson in my life