Sexy Back
Saturday, March 31, 2007
「 dancing away 12:17 AM 」

Well been a long time since i blogged about my life, well those idiotic gals in dance class force me too. Haha!

Well talking about dance! i've been having so much fun. Starting to see where i fit in and stuff. Thought my jazz was good, apparently not i guess. I am more inclined towards freestyle stuff. Fusing Popping, Hip Hop, Jazz. Guess i am better@ blurring lines between the style and not exactly fitting into the definite style group.
But got to know the people in class more and more espcially the gals. There are now so freindly to me, really feel the fun in class. But getting more crowded i guess. Joey is a good chat, really liked talking to her. haha, feels like talking to a little girl. But dun see her small small size, she better at dance than me.... okay maybe only in Jazz. Haha! And such a nice temper haah!

Well, NS sux i guess. I hating my life more and more. While all the rest are at Country T, i am in SG taking all the SK. Enough about NS!

Haha, Dance really enriched my life. Guess, i should have started earlier and not be so concerned about image and stuff. Now that i found friends and dance in my life, i am not going to give uP!

dANiel - dAncer