Sexy Back
Sunday, June 25, 2006
「 dancing away 3:25 AM 」

Ok so World Cup fever has really set iN! I am a fanatic about the global game man! Watching Soccer at 9 12 3AM was never my type but now i am up all night watching it. So i guess you all wanted to hear who i support. Quite obvious lar... England! Too bad my favc Owen has left due to injury, but wth, i think the English has a lot of chance this year! Joe Cole was simply fantastic, and there are more ok let's name them! Rooney, Crouch, Beckham, Gerrad, Lampard, A. Cole, Ferdinand..... Ok i am almost listing the whole team. I am also rooting for Germany too. I think they played an amazing opening match! Lahm was damn good. I like Ballack toO! Still got Brazil. Now KakA is my fav! Still got still got! Italy! They got Nesta. Portugal!- C. Ronaldo, Figo, Deco....! also also.......................... Okay fine i can go on and on! But ultimately, this is my life now! Watching World Cup!. In the end, there is still onl=i one tEam for me and that is England! England for the World CuP! - dAnieL