Sexy Back: New Year Celebrations
Monday, January 02, 2006
「 dancing away 1:03 AM 」

New Year Celebrations
-It is the start of the new year! 2006! Ok so where did i go? Clark Quay! Well it wasn't my intention. I wanted to go esplanade or at least a club and dance and grope people. Well my class settled for a pub and soccer... Haiz, WTF.... anyway i managed to join some like-minded people near the bridge where people were congregating. Countdown started and we were like screaming and spraying foam on each other. And something amazing happened... a HOT HOT and i mean HOT Caucasian girl of my age came up and hug me and gave me a kiss on the cheek! HOTZZZZZZ!!! dun believe me ask Hock... he glimpse it! Anyway it was so freaking fun.... At the end of the day left me swee jin han ron and via. and we played truth or truth haha!!
Really happy after that! Glad to have spent my last hours of 2005 with my best classmates!!

Happy New Year everyone!

dAniel -- 2006