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Tuesday, January 10, 2006
「 dancing away 12:30 AM 」

First few days of NS life.... Nothing and i mean nothing compared to NCC. The standard was just different, not low, but just not the same. Haiz... So now i in J04/S03/B13. Not supposed to disclose such infomation but i guess no one going to decipher it unless they been thru there??
Now highlighting some points. A LOT and i mean a LOT of familiar faces. I have actually 5 VJ people in my bunk! Haha! Settling in quite easily getting into the rountine very fast. Today being the first book out day, naturally a bit slack i think.
These first few days were quite slack lar. Seriously. We never actually kenna tio owned or anything just running here and there and learning some stuff that i learned b4. But i got tio kan a few times lar. First of all i am the platoon food I/C. Sianz... everytime got situations and i always am the last to eat. Second i tio Ground Floor 2 I/C which have to clean up a fucking large area ard the company line.

But i guess i just have to deal with it as it comes, don't I?

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