Sexy Back: Back again
Sunday, January 29, 2006
「 dancing away 1:27 AM 」

Really dun noe why but i have being suffering from health problems all through BMT. First was high fever of 38.0 i managed to struggle through without reporting sick. For a few days later i was weak like mad. Den my blisters problems started. My Section mates were freaked out by the amount of pus and blood on my hands. Den my ingrown toenail started acting up. More recently, i got food posioning. I gave up in the end and got Attend B on my last day b4 book out. Thank god! Last day SOC and tekan were so siong. SO glad i escape that.

Had reunion dinner. Have to sit though dinner listening to my cousin brag about his so call "Higher than the rest" Commando Training. Haha... He sound like a cock saying that. Can't stand it sometimes. But being the ever polite and good natured guy that i am i just let him rant and inject some comments here and den. Haha!! Anyway, found out that my elder cousin who O.R.D. is a FS. haha didn;t know that, he gave me lots of tips on how to clear SOC and improve my IPPT!

Okay, so NS life is not that bad. At least i am adjusting well. Just wish i will not get any more illness. Here wishing all a Happy Chinese New Year!

dAniel -- Happy Chinese New Year