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Thursday, December 29, 2005
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Ok have lotsa things to blog about...

1) Christmas Parties
Loved the both that i went to... My JC frenz one and my ex-4E people. My JC class people were more concerned with football and TV but the food was good and it was really nice to hear them crap about stuff once again... Dunno when i am going to see those guys together again...Good luck guys!
My ex class one were all about games and drinks. We had so much fun playing all those idoitic games and drinking to our heart's content. It was so so much fun. We screamed and we laughed... Haha

2) Pilot Testing
So test was only like 3+ hrs, not 5 thank good. Haha think i did ok, but i screwed up the 3 tasks at the same time one! Haha, but thank god i managed to score for the square sqaure stuffs... i got 5-4-5 haha great achievement when i heard the rest only got like 1-1-1. Really hope i can pass this test man. Really looking to a career in military...

3) NCC gathering
Cannot say it was really successful, cause only got 7. But i got to meet Hubert Hugh and Kent finally like from so long ago. Went to V8 Cafe at Parco Bugis Junction. Ok cafe, quite cheap the food. We talked a lot about the mpending NS days... and recollecting our fond memories of our NCC days... Den we went to watch a movie. Narnia

4) The Chronicles of Narnia "The Lion, The Witch And The Wadrobe"
Watched it twice but it is still very nice... Haha, laughed and got scared all over again. Really great movie, the effect was great and the Lion was really majestic. BTW, the grown up Peter and Lucy are so dam-n! hot!!!!...haha

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