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Sunday, November 20, 2005
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After reading BenL post, i have to say something. Watever he is propagating about harry and Hermione are wrong (Please do not ake any offence, Ben). As a highly fanatic Harry Potter fan, i feel it is my duty to "correct" people perception about the couples in the story. yah, i have to agree Ron looks really sucky in the show and Hermione and Harry looks just right but all in all they will know end up together... So here how it goes in the story about the trio realtionship..

Book 1 - The Philosopher's Stone (UK Version- Bloomsbury)
Harry and Ron hated Hermione,
They became good friends at the end

Book 2 - The Chamber of Secrets
Not much propagation of realtionship factor, though Ginny Weasley is very taken by Harry

Book 3 - Prisoner of Azkaban
First Low Point in Ron and Hermione relataionship over the rat Scabbers A.K.A Peter Pettigrew
First encounter with Cho Chang by Harry. In match of Ravenclaw against Gryffindor (Both played Seekers)

Book 4 - The Goblet of Fire
Second Low Point in Ron and Hermione relationship over Viktor Krum
Hermione and Krum remain good friends in the end, they still write to each other
Harry rejected by Cho over Cedric Diggory
Padma Patil (Ravenclaw, not Gryffindor) went to ball with Ron
FYI, Fleur Delacour went to the Ball with Roger Davis of Ravenclaw
MISUNDERSTOOD relationship between Harry and Hermione due to Rita Skeeter leading to Krum questioning Harry

Book 5 - The Order of the Phoenix
Low point between Harry and Cho due to misunderstood relationship between Harry and Hermione, In addition, due to fiasco of Dumberdore's Army

Book 6 - The Half-Blood Prince
Misunderstanding between Ron and Hermione due to
#1 - Ginny told Ron the Hermione snogged Krum
#2 - Quidditch misunderstanding
#3 - Ron and Lavender
#4 - Hermione went to Slughorn's party with Cormac McLaggen
Ron and Hermione were together in the end
Harry was jealous of Ginny and Dean Thomas
Harry went to Christmas party with Luna Lovegood
Harry kissed Ginny at the celebration of Quidditch Finals
Harry broke off with Ginny at Dumblerdore's funeral
BTW, Fleur Delacour was engaged to Bill Weasly

Above are the small summaries of the Trio's relationships, for more information, please consult me...
And once again, please do not take offence at my comments, all are harmless and not critsing

dAniel -- HP Fanatic (Viktor and Hermione Rox)