Sexy Back: Self-Evaluation
Monday, October 10, 2005
「 dancing away 7:52 PM 」

It is time for some self-evaluation today, a week or so after i proclaim to change over a new leaf. Today, heard from Via that some people say i mug so hard but in the end, not at the front of the pack or getting the grade i am suppose to get. This sorta imply that, and i infer that people feel i am not clever enough or to put it negatively, plain stupid.
Seriously though i am a little hurt abt the comment, i am not that angry as they think i will be. I remember since the end of sec3, when i have a L1R5 score of 29, i started my mugging sequence, day in day out, unless when i am away or in camp, i never stop studying. In the end i improved, but at the cost of my sec 4 life. Den when i got my score of 9 for O-levels, some of the people started wondering... Is that guy so dumb? He did the TYS from cover to cover at least twice and he is not even in the top 3 of the class. Haha..... That pt in time was my lowest... remembered that post O levels celebrations were not that great. When i reached JC, i decided to change, joined the House Comm, reached home at around 11 each night, but when i recieved the first common test for Maths, i scored miserably. It was like deja vu all over again, i started mugging again so that is what people see me now...
After some personal evaluation, i managed to list down some factors that contribute to this phenomenum of not achieving the grades:
1) Inefficient Studying Methods
2) Unhealthy Studying Methods
3) Not understanding
4) Mugging, not studying
5) Or just plain stupid....

I believed to be the last factor all along actually. Do you think i never once felt fustrated with my results? Of course i do, but i think hardworkingness has got me this far, i know it can't take me further, but that is all i know how to study and that is what i am going to do for all the stuff that i do... Who cares abt others opinions, i am entitled to do as i like and do as i deem pleased....!!! I am behind myself all the way! The others can just F*** OFF! Haha! Yeah!

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