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Sunday, October 09, 2005
「 dancing away 2:06 AM 」

Life is so boring nowadays.... I know i shld not be blogging. But who cares.... I think u people out there want me to blog so i have less time to mug right... Dun worry... I am still mugging now at 2 am in the morning... So watch out people! Ultimate mugging is going on. Ok i was just joking! i not mugging now. Not a lot of achievement today, Only managed Case Studies, GP Compre and Physics N2004 P1 & P2.

I read sWee post...People blog like their life and thoughts about stuff. I blog too, just that my life is mugging and stuff. I think it is damn sad. My only outlet of entertainment is only TV, maybe i shld do something. Like maybe go for the dance lessons i am meaning to go since secondary school. Always so scared people will say that dancing is so gay effiminate and or that. But i think i once i mastered some techniques, maybe that will stop all the teasing??.....

dAniel - Dancing thru' life