Sexy Back: Haha
Monday, September 26, 2005
「 dancing away 11:40 PM 」

So So happy.... Prelims are over!! The results can wait man!! Today went out with my class pple to have lunch. Cartel was as usual up to standard, we all had the Set lunch which only cost 9.50nett. Quite cheap considering the service was quite good. Anyway, XiJie joined as today, it was rather unusual to have him around but he was good company all the same. Ok feel like doing something big, Okay here's the deal... I am going to write a short testimonial of the class people, 3 person a day, Think i start with the sistas, Bel Ivy Jen...

Loud, Cheerful girl. Sometimes a bit too loud, abit like what i use to be. Haha, anyway, i think she is a very hardworking girl, really dun see her like so outgoing, she is very efficent with her stuff too... Man, the power of love can sometimes be so great. Really enjoy hanging with her..!

She is very very focused and determined. But that doesn;t make her any less fun to be around with, With her, there is always laughter! In my opinion, i see her as the BEST and i mean the BEST person for someone to set as a role model. Really, she can make CIC so effective and efficient. Not only that, she is in my PW grp, and i think the grp can just die w/o her inputs! Dun be too humble Ivee! I think you deserve all the credit!

OMG OMG, dun noe where to begin! I love and hate her at the same time!! She can be the best listener in the whole world, always remembering what you have said to her, but she can also be rather bitchy at time. But i guess that is what i like abt her, Tempermental but Cheerful. I dun regret being her friend man! and Jen sorry for what i put you thru this past 2 years? Bygones??

dANiel -- Think i writing Rol Ron Via next!
The above comments are purely from my heart, none of them is exaggerated....