Sexy Back: Alexander the Great
Tuesday, September 27, 2005
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Just finished watching today, after watching the movie, i have lotsa afterthoughts, maybe i share it with you guys here.... Alexander XIII, the greatest alexander by far, Son of Zeus and Olympias the Soceress. He conquered Asia and Europe, at the age of just 25. His dream was the mixing of races, Babylon being the centre of the world... However, he pushed his dreams too much, that in the end, after he died, the vast empire of his ursurped by his generals....

I admire for chasing his dreams, but to chase for a dream so great, he had lost his life, his beloved male lover, and everything that he loves.... Is that suppose to be the way? Are chasing dreams wrong that God should punish the one that does that? In Alexander case, he was punished by losing everything he owned, he chased his dreams was at the height of his life and eveything came tumbling down, In his course, he betrayed his male loves, slaughtered the subjects that he trusted the most, he become disillusioned.....Is that suppose to be the way things work out...?

Personally, i admire his spirit, he chased his dreams and almost succeded. And in my opinion, he had conquered death in the most abstarct sense, His name lives in people heart and when people look back at Greece and Macdeonia, they will remember Alexander amongst the older gods like Hercules, Achilles.

Abt myself, i am cowardy i guess, my dream is too be myself.... But i know that being myself would hurt a lot of people in the process. But shld i be like Alexander and pursue my dreams, ignoring others in my life, the ones that i love and i care....?? Maybe one day i shall find out the answer, or maybe i will carry it to my grace, i dun noe, but let's see what happens in the future, for now, let's just concentrate on A levels, even closer, Prelims Results, and even closer......Shld i go for movie tml?? I feel so sick......UgHH!

dAniel -- Megas Alexandros

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