Sexy Back: piSsed off
Friday, July 29, 2005
「 dancing away 11:45 PM 」

Damn, S'poreans are damn inconsiderate.... Took the feeder bus home from interchange, sat down at the end of the bus, seats were filled up quickly, Then a pregnant woman came in, and those bastards and bitches have the audacity to just stare at her and dun stand up. Pissed man, so i took the initiative to give up my seat. That was not the end, 2 fu*king bitches stood near the exit, refuse to budge and cause the front to be jammed, the rear where i was standing was almost empty.... I told the bitches off and ask them to shift, they gave me the "jiao bin" and i fu*king shouted at them to shift again, they finally shifted. Some other passengers also supported me.... Feel so pissed that sIngaporeans esp. young people are so damn inconsiderate... Degardation of moral values...

dAniel -- Move your ass, Bitches!