Sexy Back: Clarify things
Friday, July 22, 2005
「 dancing away 12:11 AM 」

Hey wanna clarify the misunderstanding that has been circulating around me these few years... Contrary to popular belief, i am NOT a MUGGER! Really guys, u all have to believe me man. I mug for a reason, i have no choice. Not because i want to get good grades and show off, but because iwant to relieve my family finacial status.... Anyway, yah no scholarships, no uni for me.... So... please dun call me a mugger anymore, i will feel demoralized and would seriously hurt my feelings if you all repeatedly say that....
On the lighter side of things, I sort out the seating arrangements for SDD05!! Yah, big headache man, i dun dare to anyhow place people, but people keep changing their mind and stuffs! But think Aessertive Leadership is still my style, put down my leg and split the people up.... Okay here goes Table #1 - MingXi XiJie XianWei BenT Razak Swee JH WeiXian Tony Hock...
Table #2 - Damien Rol Bel Ron Via Ivy Jen Cheryl BenL fQ! Okay time to sleep.... Nitez!

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