Sexy Back: Broken...
Sunday, May 22, 2005
「 dancing away 12:25 AM 」

Had TKD comeptition today. Not really what i expected. For indiviual blet, i got into Semi-Finals, did my stuff, and when i sat down, everyone congratualted me tat i was Fantastic, Perfect, but i think the Judges From *TJC* dun really want me to win so i did not get into finals. For group, big big disappointment man... Ah Hock's team didn't make it past prelims round. I onli got Sliver for the team. So sad for us. But good job, ANdy Jia Ying Ze Hong! Black bad was much better! They got Gold and Sliver for team! So happi for them. Overall, VJC got 3rd , we drop from 2nd last year. But Nevertheless! VJC TKD ROX!

dAniel -- Block Kick Strike!