Sexy Back: Get off my chest!
Thursday, April 21, 2005
「 dancing away 11:53 PM 」

Today in School... It was all about UNR. Kinda sad tat i am not going anymore... Actually more like dun feel like going... Cause we are not going as a class. Had this wonderful image of 20 of our classmates reach the endpoint of the race togther... racing together. Sort of like a Formal Class Outing! Thinking tat will be fun. But i guess it is toO bad tat some people cannot join the class... and sort of dampened my spirit. GUess i am a vv emotional person, always feel with my heart. So i shld say i am rather disappointed... ok... REALLY REALLY REALLY SAD UNHAPPY DISPPOINTED! WhewW! Got it off my chest... Can look forward to the June BBQ at least... I think... Quoting from Ben Tan and altering it..."So much for class unity...So much for 04S42"

dAniel -- Did i just wronged the world... Or Has the world really wronged me?