Sexy Back: Hi Guys!
Sunday, February 20, 2005
「 dancing away 9:33 PM 」

Sorry for not blogging for so long so here goes!!
New shows are arriving in a bundle these days, American Idol 4, Survivor: Palau, Amazing Race 7. Wow Wow Wow!! Okay enough abt the shows, i think blogs are not just for advertising TV programmes. Anyway, Gonna participate in Musicfest! It is gonna be a dance item, hope can get thru' the auditions, or else the time i spent in school over the weekend is gonna to be busted!
Anyway, was toking to Yong Sheng, and i told him that muggers are really out of this world. Den he sort of reminded me i lost my position to say that, since i am so muggerish. Even Wen Ling also says so. Am i really toO muGgerisH?? Really have to reflect on myself!!

So here is a quote for today and this happen to be my situtation:
So often, in our quest to be more popular and to be part of the "in-group" we lose sight of things far more important, just remember, be "in" with yourself...

dAniel -- the "IN" guy