Sexy Back: Sprained...
Saturday, January 15, 2005
「 dancing away 11:58 PM 」

Juz when i tot i was good as new again, i had to go and sprained my ankle... so stupid!! I can;t even fanthom how i got it, one moment i was walking down the lecture hall, another moment, i was cringing in agony. Now so sad, have to wear slippers to tml socccer game!
Yah, Tiger cup, first time in so long, the lions (very Ironic, lions winning Tiger Cup) is in the finals. Still remember S.Lim, saying Lions can forget it lar, go home!! Imgaine saying tat tml, the eggs will come flying at us! Got tics to the game tml! Hope the Lions win and do us proud! Go Lions!!
i got a new HP, for those who dun noe a brand new Nokia 6170!! Really really cool love it! Here's a picture of it!

So orientation is over and life goes back to normal, meaing lectures and stuff really mundane now, but i got myself a new penpal!! From Germany this time, a 25 year old guy, pen name is German205, dunnoe the name yet. Just hope not like the last time, like after 5 letters den disappear...

Ok watching the OC now, cya guys!

dAniel -- Go Lions!!