Sexy Back: Round up
Wednesday, December 01, 2004
「 dancing away 1:19 AM 」

Ok haben been upadting very much so i shall round up quick.
Ok first the Tv ShowS, been watching tons of show lately, but i think my favorite is still Desperate Housewives. It is getting more and more exciting and revealing. Esp between Mike Delfino and Susan. Really nice show i think u all shld catch it. Ok so Singapore Idol, down to the R&B vs Rock. Quite cool like the battles of the genres. Too bad no Pop. Anyway, though i am not racist, i am supporting Slyvester. I think Taufik is the real pai kia. Haha!! Though he has talent cannot deny, but Sly got more idol appeal, look towards American Idol 3, Jasmine won out to the talented Latoya. But American idol 2 differ, Clay in the end lost out. But WTH, i still hope Slyvester will win.
Short update on music, i bought Best of Blue in the end, sorry Gina!
Ok on my life now, been slacking at home all day, so sad right, not exactly lar, still like to sleep nowadays. Anyway, went to Bert's house yesterday, i think his condo so much like Chalet atmosphere , dun think it is for me, haha if i have the money to stay there.@@

Ok so my bdAe coming soon 14 Dec. I think it is pathetic lar, all my frenz 17 going on 18 liaO. i almost 1 year slower den than, haiz sianz.... So that's all for the summary...

dAniel -- Curtain Falls