Sexy Back: TAR 6
Thursday, November 18, 2004
「 dancing away 1:21 AM 」

Ok for those who miss the primere of TAR 6 this is an update...

*1. Hayden and Aaron
*2. Kris and Jon
3. Lena and Kristy
*4. Kendra and Freddy
#5. Jonathan and Victoria
6. Lori and Bolo
7. Adam and Rebecca
8. Meredith and Maria
9. Don and Mary Jean
10. Gus and Hera
11. Avi and Joe

Those in * are my favorites and looks like they didn;t let me down Haha Go Teams!!
And for Christ sake, # team suxs to the max, esp. Jonathan, he can just go and jump down the blue lagoon, though he is pollution to the beautiful lagoon. ARHZ....
All other teams were okay, cept for the wrestling couple , omg they really think that they are the Alpha couple, they totally sux, they should be the Omega couple...
Okay so much being said, looking forward to the next race!!!

dAniel -- TAR ROX!!