Sexy Back: MP3!!
Tuesday, November 09, 2004
「 dancing away 8:02 PM 」

Today went to school to have TKD meeting.... So great we made plans for more trainings and bonding session. I am so damn excited! But apparently i will not be around for TKD training this hols. Clashes with my trip. But nevertheless a good effort from the TKD Exco. BTW, i got double for my grading again!!! SO damn happy.
In addition to that, i got the mp3 player i wanted!! Creative MuVo TXFM 256MB!!! So cool, now playing with it.
So sorry for the last 2 post. My comp juz sort of cannot submit it....haiz....
This fri got class bbQ, hOpe Tony is not going or else spoil the atmosphere. Not really dun want him to go, but considering the whole class, i would rather not dampen the atmosphere becasue of his presence....

dAniel -- Creative MuVo TxFM 256MB