Sexy Back: Blue -- Curtain Falls
Sunday, November 14, 2004
「 dancing away 2:26 AM 」

We come from humble beginnings and
Who could have guessed it when
You sit and doubt it and
Things aint all that bright
But we made it though the night
It´s like a game of truth or dare
If you can make it here
You´ll make it anywhere
That´s what we´ve been told
But the stories getting old

Together we faced the cold outside
No one can say we didn’t try
And I will never give you up or let you go
Together we faced our final fears
Remember the moments that we shared
That’s why I’ll never give you up or let you go

We’ll be ready when the curtain might fall
Feel my heart beating when the crowd calls
I gotta read between the lines
Cuz I’m living out the script of my life
Cuz we all got a part we must play
And I’ve done it but I’ve done it my way
I gotta read between the linesOohh (oohh)
In the script of my life

We started out many years ago
No one will ever know
How far we’ve really come
Since we walked away
With no more words to say

And we made a lot of sacrifice
Undid a lot of ties
Fought a lot of fights
To get where we are now
Just don’t ask me how

Repeat Lee*

Repeat Together* X2