Sexy Back: Paradoxical
Wednesday, September 22, 2004
「 dancing away 6:13 PM 」

Haiz...Important topic of the day... OCIP
TodaY attended the first meeting of the OCIP for Cebu, Damien not going liaO. I am also comptemplating but mostly likely cmi... Haiz so sianz... no money to go for two trips... Furthermore i got obligations towards Thailand trip. Haha anyway, i could go find more gays else where... haiz...haha juz kidding lar. Juz wanna go for the trip leh. Met some new people. at the meeting Like Amelia, anyway that Chung Sheng from 41 quite shuai leh and quite built also, and quite nice, vv friendly like his classmate. Unlike Roland...HAHA
Haiz... cannot go means cannot go... Sorry Princess, bEn L., jEn, Ro.

Anyway today got Charmed and the last episode of TAR 5 gonna enjoy tonight man. And of course mugging!!!

dAniel bOurne=== guilty