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Sunday, August 22, 2004
「 dancing away 12:56 AM 」

Really, i was counting on Li Jia Wei to win but it is too bad that she lost. I feel so sad for her and Singapore. 44 years liaO, not even close to kssing that gold. Anyway, let's juz hope for the best and wish her good luck.
Yesterdat, 04S42 went for lunch at Swensen's for that $1.39 ice-cream. I think although it was short but it was the notably the best outing we have, with so many people around. Even Xi Jie was there, i was really amazed. Haha! Now, looking back at the past few mths i had with 42, i am really glad i am in it. It is a wonder why the class clicked so well together, unlike my sec 1 and 2 classes, took like 2 yrs still so stranger to each other. From the first step i took into 04S42, i knew i would love this class. We really matured through time and even our class outings are getting better! Remember the time we spend stoning in Cine... heE! Well, i really wished that Siok Wei didn't have to go, i really like her a lot. Juz wish that she was still around and we could have fun together. Well, everything will surely have its bleminishes, and yah Tony a.k.a minus one a.k.a. LDMR. I really dun get him, if i were him, i would have juz left but in the first place, i dun even know what is he thinkong anyway, with him trying to act cute and comment on everything, juz my luck to be in his pW group. Without him, i think my pW group would arguably be the best man... Haiz... have to resign to fate. Anyway, really hope our class could be even more closer, as in people like Ben Tan, Xi Jie, Hari, Razak, Theresa.. could be more enthusiastic about class stuffs... hAha, long lIve 04S42...
I learned more about Greek stuff again today, i really like their history and myths a lot!
Hey, what was i thinking about... YaH back to reality, anyway, i am really confused about my situation now, u noe... mentally of course, more and more absurb feelings and ideas are coming into my brain, i juz can't straighten them out. Maybe i really haven pass the puberty stage yet, at times i juz feel like i can't take it anymore longer. And recently i aquired this habit of letting my tears flow freely... could it be a phase in life or am i just stressed out?
But anyway "i am in the driver's seat of my destiny, not just a passenger...", i take control of it and think positively.
Ok guys sorry to bore u with more adolescent phase, lets wish Li Jia Wei can win the brOnze medal and do us proud...
dAniel... signing off
"It is not the mountain we conqured, but ourselves."