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Wednesday, August 25, 2004
「 dancing away 11:52 PM 」

Hey pEople... back again. Anyway, thanks siOk wEi 4 smsing me. Quite touch mah?? Haha! wIsh u all the best! Anyway, to day was damn eventful man. Let me start from the top. Okay, morning was again boring. That big fat butt, Mr W***. is jUz as interesting as a clump of dirt. Wish Mr C*** is back soon to teach us. And that Mr C*****, switch time slot again. He going to drive me nuts one day. Oh Yah, i signed up 4 the OCIP trip to Cebu, hope i get thru' man, if i going den it will be the second time that i do OCIP. Really niCe to go out and see sEe. Econs tutorial was again boring but i did something dishonest today, when she ask who nvr do DRQ, i nb raise up my hand, later kenna get scolded. Haha but i scraped thru' and she did not notice i nvr do. hEe! Oh the SMU talk was really interesting, i am so into it man. SHort term Goal: Get great marks for the AP course. Yeah>! And now the news.... Today on Amazing Race 5~! Oh man... The twins were last AgAIn!!! Nvm, they will do great nxt week man, i get to see their filrty side... Hee Like ChEE Ko likE that. AnyWay talking abt hot hunks! Heard of the group
"North" haha they are hot man, escpacially the cHinese one! Okay, going to do my studying liAO (BTW, To get into SMU muz have "A,A,B" minimum and 1400 SAT score.) Up dating this week end bah.... Cya guys
dAniEL -- Outz!