Sexy Back: The Second
Tuesday, July 06, 2004
「 dancing away 11:58 PM 」

"Listen, or thy tongue will make thee deaf"

Today was rather hectic. First day in school after exams...!! Totally no mood to study at all. Look at the lecture notes i also wanna fall asleep liao. Econs time was a little revealation on the mid year exam. For section A woohoo!! i got only 6 wrongs. Thatz good considering that i not study too much for it.

Today we had some S^3 seminar thingy. It was fun watching the videos and listening to the panel on the topic of National Service. Inspired me again to train hard for my NAPFA test. Hoped to get into OCS. Got question on homosexual in army. Interested in that, but not much info on that. Arghz tml got PE. Gotta train hard for running and pull ups.

Hey guyz, watch out for amazing race 5! Tml 10 pm on channel 5. This time no shuai ge like Derek and Drew, Reichen and Chip but got some can make it lar. Like Alison and Donny. Amazing Race is by far the best reality show man!! Muz watch ok ?!!

Ok anyway. It is late liao. Wanna sleep and dream about my future liao!! Nitez nitez people!
P.S. MUz watch Amazing Race 5!!

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