Sexy Back: HCN04
Wednesday, July 14, 2004
「 dancing away 9:41 PM 」

After a small talk with Jimmy today made me realise one thing Hse Cap '04 is no longer the past Hse Cap Noms '04. So sad case. Dun wanna talk about it liao.
Anyway some other topic. Yah we will talk about homosexuality.
I believe that it is a endowment, not a mistake or a choice. If he or she wants to be this way, den let it be, what for go and slaughter or discriminate. Anyway there are successful gay marraige in the world look at Reichen and Chip, form AR4, they beat all the "straights" outright and living their lives the way they want it... So sad that people think that homosexuality is a mistakes or even a dieaseas...
Reichen And Chip Happily Together

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