Sexy Back: Brotherhood
Saturday, July 17, 2004
「 dancing away 9:00 PM 」

"Brotherhood", was rather nice, i knew the general outline b4 the show liao one.
Nk pushed to Busan den SK pushed back to China's borders, den SK got pushed back to 38th parallel. Yah but didn't expect such a touching brotherly movie, Won Bin and Zhang Dong Jian really played vv well, i was moved to tears man. Haha throughout the show, there was no shuai ge other den the 2 main actors. Haiz... so my deduction that there is no shuai Korean guys is really true. But Won Bin really looks vv shuaiz man.
Oh yah, i watched it with me "brothers" and that includes my Part Alpha(Sec 1) Platoon sergeant, Eldine@@ Haha long time no see him liao, he still looks like a little kid haha.
Anyway, it was really good watching the show with my real "brothers"
But i think "Saving Private Ryan" is still our favourite movie of all times...
Ok i wanna watch "Super Size Me" and more movies........
So tired.....Gonna do essay outline liao...