Sexy Back: The Amazing Race
Thursday, July 08, 2004
「 dancing away 12:06 AM 」

This is a race like none other, this is the Amazing Race!
The Amazing RAce 5 has started! I am damn excited about it espcially when the race starts to get fast-paced. Anyway let's get on to the show.
The start was already very exciting. I was trying to look for a few teams to support. of course, they have to be shuai or pretty to get onto my list.
Anyway i picked the following three:

Alison and Donny

Dennis and Erika
Kami and Karli

The race started off and at first Dennis and Erika were with all my favorite teams, however, they are so thick and bought the wrong tics. It cost them their game man! The race was pretty boring for the first time when all times were all so stereotypical and all the same. But got some interesting features like the short girl, Charla. But overall it was below expectation.
The places they visited was not very exotic or anything interesting. SO i am putting Uruguay last on my future holiday trips... But the hand on the beach looks interesting enough so cute.
And OH MY GOSH! The twins girls were so thicK! They walk pass the clue without seeing it!! They are really typical blondes man!!
And anyway at the end of the show, Erika and Dennis are eliminated, so sad, they could have pulled through, i hate the old army man now! Go home and play with your boots and uniform!
Sianz... i lost my eye candy (Guy or Gal u guess haha!!) Anyway Alison and Donny (A&D) did me proud by coming in first so got something to look forwrad ro liao. Looking forward to the OC! tml so for now nitez nitez stranger!